English-editing services

No document is too short or too long: research articles, letters, theses, slide presentations and posters for conferences or meetings, book chapters or entire books, grant proposals, or reports - whatever English-language document you may have that could benefit from English editing.

What we will do

The English editing we perform will improve the accuracy of your documents and make them easier to read. We will correct spelling and errors in grammar and punctuation, change the order and choice of words, reduce redundancy, simplify, and clarify meaning. Any sentence that we cannot understand, or any change we suggest that may alter your intended meaning, will be marked with a comment requesting your attention. Our editing will also include suggestions of alternative wording where you have used uncommon or unusual wording, even if technically correct. The goal, after all, is to produce a document that reads like one written by a native speaker of English. Finally, we will alert you to lapses of logic and provide suggestions to improve flow or organization. If your English is good and only want us to check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation, then we can proofread your document for you at a reduced rate (see
Proofreading on the Prices page).

When available for your submission, the "Track Changes" feature of most word-processing programmes will show you what changes have been made. You may then accept or reject individual changes or accept all changes. If you have any questions about the editing after we return your documents, you are welcome to discuss them with us until you are satisfied with the results. If your document is a research article for submission to a journal and minor revisions are requested, we will edit the revised material as part of the service (i.e. at no further cost to you).

Attending an international conference?

We can also ensure that your slides or posters are free of any errors in spelling and grammar and that your use of words is appropriate.