The differences between us and the large editing services


Most of the large editing services send documents to scientists, who then have their students do the editing. (Do YOU have the time, or desire, to edit someone else's document "on the side" to earn a small amount of extra money?) Most of the large editing services also do not correct scientific style and formatting, because the students who do the editing have not yet learned the rules. Global Biological Editing's editor is a former scientist who is now a professional editor with an understanding of the English language exceeding that of the typical scientist or student. A professional editor should edit your work, not students.

Personal service

With us, your scientific manuscript will not enter a distribution system where one person receives your submission, another decides who will do the editing, a third - usually a student - performs the editing, then back to the first person who returns your documents to you. With large companies, contacting the right person can be difficult for getting direct, immediate answers to your questions about the editing, or the transmission of your files, or your payment. Also, consistency in the quality of English editing between one submission and the next is not guaranteed. At Global Biological Editing, one person (see
Editor) will receive, edit, and return your documents, send the invoice, answer your questions, and be available to discuss specific points about your documents. If you submit more documents to us in the future, the same person will be there to do it all again. We will NOT send your work to freelancers or students or redirect your questions to someone else.


Global Biological Editing's security features are as good as or better than those used by the big companies (see
Your privacy for a few details). The main difference between us and them is the number of transfers involved, and perhaps more importantly, the number of eyes that see your documents. We will NOT retransmit your documents to anyone. You will be entrusting the security and confidentiality of your intellectual property to just one person - the Editor.


Prices vary from one editing service to another. Shop around. You will find some services with rates lower than ours, but big is not necessarily better. Some rates are similar to ours, and many are higher.
We do not charge a processing fee, as most services do (some as high as $25). Our rates are fair for the quality of service we provide.