Standard editing includes the services outlined in "What we will do" on the Editing services page. A Proofreading service is also available if your English is good and you only want us to check your spelling, basic grammar, and punctuation.

We do not charge a processing fee, but a fee of 15 C$ will be charged for bank transfers to cover the cost of receiving a transfer. An additional fee of 10 C$ will be charged for payments using Alipay to cover the fee it deducts from the payment.

For all submissions, we will contact you to provide an exact price for the editing service. No work will begin until you agree to the quoted price.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. For your convenience, you may use the currency converter below to convert Canadian dollars to the currency of your country.
Basic Services

Standard editing:


Slide presentations:


0.06 C$ for each word

0.04 C$ for each word

2.00 C$ for each slide

50 C$ for each poster
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For example, a page of A4 paper will have about 250 words, and a manuscript for a journal may have 15 typewritten pages. For Standard editing, each page would cost 15.00 C$ (250 words X 0.06 C$/word), and the entire manuscript would cost 225 C$ (15 pages X 15.00 C$/page). For scientific manuscripts sent to journals, the above fees include the editing of minor revisions requested by a journal's editor.